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Friday, January 25, 2013

Top Ten Chick Pics of 2012

You guys cast your votes with the click of a computer mouse. Based on total page views, here are the top 10 Chick Pics of last year. I look forward to having you as readers in the coming year and I am sure you fellas are looking forward to more images of beautiful ladies!

10) Megan Rossee - August 8, 2012

Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps struck gold on land as well as in the water. You all appeared to agree.

9) Brooklyn Decker - June 27, 2012

Now retired tennis star Andy Roddick's blazing hot model wife is easy on the eyes, even though Roddick's game, in the twilight of his career, was not.

8) Adrienne Williams Bosh - June 11, 2012

Behind every successful man is a great woman. Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh won his first NBA championship last June. You all wanted to see the lady behind the man and the Hat Trick delivered!

7) Caroline Wozniacki - December 19, 2012

The highly ranked Danish tennis star made some headlines while performing a gag during an exhibition event impersonating American tennis superstar Serena Williams and Williams' curvy features.

6) Nicole Oetl - October 16, 2012

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner safely completed a 24 mile free fall from space. People wanted to know what kind of woman can handle such a thrill seeker. That would be gymnast Nicole Oetl.

5) Vanessa Bryant - August 23, 2012

Love was in the air as, reportedly, Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, attempted to reconcile after separating. August 23 was Bryant's 34th birthday. Kobe saw his birthday gift in person. You guys had to settle for photos.

4) Nikki Sapp - June 8, 2012

Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra has picked up a lot of valuable life experience during his long career with the Heat. He also picked up his smoking hot girlfriend, Nikki Sapp.

3) Condoleezza Rice - August 22, 2012

The former Secretary of State has been a trailblazer for much of her life. First black woman to serve as Secretary of State and one of the first two women to break the gender barrier for membership into Augusta National country club. It got your attention!!

2) Victoria Azarenka - September 4, 2012

The tennis star is unquestionably your favorite among the ladies pictured in the Hat Trick. The September 4th Azarenka Chick Pic had double the number of views of the #3 pic, Condi Rice.

1) Victoria Azarenka - July 5, 2012

Like I said, you guys love some Azarenka. And I can't say I blame you. The Chick Pic featuring Azarenka on July 5, during the Wimbledon Championship, received five times as many views as the #2 post in September. I guess I got something right!!!

Citations to all images can be found in the original posts by following the hyperlinks corresponding to the image.

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