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Friday, January 25, 2013

Retweet of the Day - January 25, 2013

One again there is a potential contract issue involving the New York Jets' best player, cornerback Darrelle Revis. Revis is the premiere shutdown corner in the NFL. When he covers a receiver, the receiver is said to be on "Revis Island" and seldom does anyone get off of the island (and get a reception).

This time, reports have surfaced in sports media, beginning with, that Jets owner Woody Johnson was interested in trading Revis. Revis has one year remaining on his current contract, which is probably a bit below market value for a player of his caliber at $6 million per season. The logic would be that Johnson is not willing to pay the cost to place an exclusive rights franchise tag on Revis after this season, which would keep him from leaving but pay Revis a fortune.

This is the third time that there has been a contract crisis involving Revis, this one initiated by the owner. In 2010, Revis was clearly underpaid and the Jets simply offered him a long-term deal that underpaid (relative to the free agency market) him more handsomely than before. Reports surfaced before 2012 training camp that Revis may hold out for a new deal, but he reported to camp and played.

If you have a valuable employee and you are paying less than market value and the situation is as public as this is, what does that tell other perspective employees, draft picks, free agents or otherwise? If you read this blog regularly, you know I'm a fan of Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan and therefore partial to the Jets (as long as my beloved New Orleans Saints aren't involved). But fanhood or not, the Jets are becoming a three ring circus and it may be in Revis' best interests to join another organization, one focused on winning and taking care of their high producers.

That leads us to day's retweet, from Rich Cimini of (@RichCimini):

"Ian O'Connor's advice to Darrelle Revis: Vote the Jets off your island. #Jets …"

Revis at a social event in New York. He may be throwing up the deuces for good before next season. Good for him.
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