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Monday, June 11, 2012

Chris Bosh's Better Half

Chris Bosh was a big difference maker for his team, helping push them over the hump of a 3-2 series deficit to come back and win the Eastern Conference championship. I though Bosh's wife (and new mom), the former Adrienne Williams would be fitting for today's chick pic. Williams-Bosh, of Venezuelan nationality, appears in a variety of worldly scenery below. Enjoy!

No wonder Bosh seems so even keeled and well adjusted.
Shower time must be nice in the Bosh household.
Gives a double meaning to Chris Bosh's "back door game".

She appreciates the outdoors, too. What a catch!
I can't help but wonder; Bosh is 6'10" and Williams is 5'0" at the very most. I guess Bosh works miracles of physics on and off the court.

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