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Monday, January 28, 2013

Retweet of the Day - January 28, 2013

As I pointed out on Thursday, Sunday's 2013 Pro Bowl, the NFL's annual all-star game, looked like anything but NFL football. The 62-35 win by the NFC over the AFC looked more like an Arena Football League score than a major-level contest. At least the AFL has the reasonable excuse of the field only being 50 yards long from goal line to goal line.

Today's retweet, from  Rob Fee (@robfee) points out the obvious, that while the players and broadcasters can mention the word "effort" multiple times in between each commercial break, the audience will trust their lying eyes first. It also points out the dysfunction that the 2013 Los Angels Lakers have become (19-25, 10th place in the Western Conference).

"Sorry Pro Bowl, if I wanted to watch a bunch of all stars give a subpar, halfhearted effort I’d be a Lakers fan."

Future Hall of Famer Steve Nash came to the Lakers this past offseason in hopes of winning a championship. The without Nash, his former team, the Phoenix Suns, last place in the West, are only 4.5 games back of the Lakers.
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