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Friday, September 28, 2012

Move Over, Sanchez!

You've got a rival in the ladies department. I expect a young, good looking quarterback of the New York Jets to be seen with primo eye candy, the likes of Eva Longoria and Hayden Panettiere. I cannot imagine that saying, "I'm Mark Sanchez," is much less of an effective pickup line than the, "I'm a Kennedy," line from the old Saturday Night Live skits.

When you are an undrafted free agent tight end, like Garrett Celek of the San Francisco 49ers, and you play behind a Pro Bowl starter in Vernon Davis, A-list hotties can be a little tougher to come by. The 49ers travel to the Big Apple to face Sanchez and the Jets on Sunday. Sanchez will have to face his off field rival on the field. Celek's girlfriend, 2012 Hooters Dream Girl Sarah Hinton, today's Chick Pic subject.

Life is not a day at the beach for Celek, yet. 1

Sarah Hinton kicks up her feet to relax so Garrett won't have to. Playing behind Vernon Davis, he can't. 2

Oh yeah...we're looking at you (and those beautiful eyes), too, Ms. Hinton! 7

Hooters still leaves something to the imagination. 3

Given Celek's height, this is probably his point of view. Lucky son of a gun. 4

Sticking with the recurring theme on the Hat Trick, she looks great in clothes! 5

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One of my favorite teams: Team Hooters!!! 6
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