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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top 10 Chick Pics of 2013

The Daily Hat Trick strives to be an Internet destination for guys. Our regular Chick Pic entries have not hurt that cause. While the new year isn't that new anymore, and a lot of your favorites were originally posted in the calendar year 2012, it is still new enough to review your favorite Chick Pics viewed last year.

10) "A Champion Off The Field" - February 8, 2013

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick may have just lost Super Bowl XLVII, but we found his girlfriend, J. Marie Maestre.

I wonder how often Maestre, right, invites her friends over to hang out with Colin. Lucky bastard....

9) "Out of This World" - October 16, 2012 

Following Austrian skydiver Felix Buamgartner's 24 mile free fall, I wondered, "What kind of lady can handle this thrill seeker?" So did you all. It is gymnast and model Nicole Oetl.

Gravity doesn't seem to bother either of them very much. 

8) "Unwrapping Kobe's Birthday Gift" -  August 23, 2012

With a wife like Vanessa, you have to wonder what Kobe was thinking in Colorado back in 2003.

Have you seen the skinny, plain Jane chick Kobe almost ruined his life over?
7) "Would You Trade with Erik Spoelstra?" - June 8, 2012 

Basketball fans are split on how effective Miami Heat Head Coach Spoelstra is, given the talent already on his team. However, there is no dispute that his significant other, Nikki Sapp, is smoking hot!

Spoelstra cries himself to sleep every night from the critics. Sleeping with her.
6) "She's on Top" - August 22, 2012

The former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice became one of the first women to become a member at Augusta National Country Club, home of The Masters tournament.

Power (and legs) trump age when it comes to sexiness.

5) "Carrie Got BACK!" December 19, 2012 - 3,000 views

Caroline Wozniacki cause a small stir in the tennis world, making a self-parody of fellow tennis player Serena Williams when she stuffed her pants and bra to imitate the curvy Williams.

Cue Mix-A-Lot.
4) "Chris Bosh's Better Half " - June 11, 2012 

Chris Bosh is 6'10". I would still like to see a reenactment of the physical logistics of "wrestling time" in the Bosh household.

Cue Sir Mix-A-Lot again.

3) "Victoria Azarenka - Back by Popular Demand" - September 4, 2012

One thing that is crystal clear: you guys love Victoria Azarenka.

What grace....

2) "Five Down, Two To Go" - June 4, 2013 

As Serena Williams continued her epic tear in the French Open, Hat Trick readers continued their epic tear at viewing Serena.

She was doing more than taking a dip at the time.

1) "Farewell to Victoria Azarenka" - July 5, 2012

Originally debuting in 2012, you guys kept Victoria Fever into and throughout 2013.

I understand why you kept coming back for more Vika. 
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