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Friday, November 8, 2013

Retweet of the Day - November 8, 2013

The details of Miami Dolphins offensive guard Richie Incognito and the "Bullygate" story continues to evolve and take stranger and stranger turns. Reports are now surfacing that Incognito held "meetings" for offensive linemen at a strip club and "fined" players who failed to attend. The story has grown legs beyond the original headline of Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin leaving the team because of bullying by teammates, spearheaded by Incognito.

Today's retweet is a jab at the Dolphins on-the-field woes. From The Fake ESPN ‏ (@TheFakeESPN) :

"Based on Ryan Tannehill’s 35 sacks this season, Richie Incognito’s offensive line strip club meetings were happening during games."

Bully Incognito owes Tannehill a few lap dances.
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