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Monday, July 29, 2013

Retweet of the Day - July 29, 2013

Regular season baseball is a cross-country marathon, not a sprint. As a result, many televised games leave a lot to be desired. Personally, I'll watch he Fox Saturday Game of the Week if I am at home. Often I'll have a weeknight game on in the background if I am doing other things (sometimes taking a nap). Truth be told, I seldom go out of my way to watch regular season baseball on television before September unless an A-lister like Stephen Strasburg or Justin Verlander is pitching or no-hitter is developing, etc.

Every now-and-then, however, something extraordinary arises from the mundane. MLB Network was airing the Boston Red Sox at the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday night. The Sox were comfortably ahead in the seventh inning when, suddenly, Red Sox designated hitter, David "Big Papi" Ortiz, received a dubious (i.e. dead wrong) strike one call on a 3-0 count. The pitch was eye-level. Papi took exception.

Ortiz ended up striking out after being up 3-0 in the count. Umpire Tim Timmons let Big Papi slide with some heated words (probably because Timmons knew he was dead wrong). Then Ortiz proceeded to take out his frustration on the bullpen telephone in the dugout with his bat. Ortiz received the old heave-ho and T.V. viewers got a treat.

Today's retweet is from NOT SportsCenter MLB ‏(@NOTSCMLB):

"#RedSox DH David Ortiz batting 1.000 vs dugout phones this season. (GIF via @thescore)" 

The Tazmanian Devil has nothing on Big Papi!

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