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Friday, July 26, 2013

Retweet of the Day – July 26, 2013

You regular readers, for whom I am thankful, probably know my stance on the New York Yankees. I don’t like them. I have pure “fanhood hatred” for them. I think they buy up all of the talent other teams can’t afford. Etcetera…etcetera.

You may not have noticed that I don’t extend this sports vitriol to many of the actual Yankees players. This includes controversial third baseman Alex Rodriguez. I am not an A-Rod fan, per se, but I think his market, his team, and his circumstances share responsibility with Rodriguez himself for his image issues. Nobody had any problem with A-Rod when he played for the Seattle Mariners or the Texas Rangers.

Alex Rodriguez was the first pick of the 1993 MLB draft by the Seattle Mariners. Do people even remember that he played with Ken Griffey, Jr.? 1

If you are a sports enthusiast, you are well aware of the Biogenisis PED scandal involving A-Rod, suspended Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun and other high-profile MLB players. You are also well aware of the very public feud between the Yankees organization, led by General Manager Brian Cashman, and Rodriguez.

The media can sometimes make sports fans overlook the simple and the obvious as a sensational story about a superstar is evolving. There are two constants that have not escaped my notice: 1) Even older, 37-year-old (turns 38 tomorrow) A-Rod coming off of two hip surgeries in recent years would offer a significant boost to the Yankees impotent batting production from the third base position, barely above the Mendoza line and 2) Rodriguez is chomping at the bit to get back into the Yankees’ lineup and on the field.

Rodriguez has speculated, I believe correctly, that Cashman is trying to keep him out of the lineup by any means and with any excuse available for financial reasons. Rodriguez’s 2013 salary is $29 million, roughly 10 times his market value if he were a free agent on the open market. If A-Rod doesn't play this year, the Yankees can collect on an insurance policy they took on Rodriguez. In addition, Rodriguez may be suspended for his involvement with Biogenesis, meaning the Yankees may be completely off the hook for his salary this year.

Doesn't Brian Cashman know you can't say, "filth, flarn, flarn, flarn, filth," on the radio?

For all of the bad press surrounding Rodriguez, his value as a player and his dedication to his craft have been unimpeachable in my view. He is an easy target and he brings most of it on himself. He is not very likeable right now. But to take shots at the man for what he offers on the field is overreaching by writers.

Today’s retweet, by Sarah ‏(@sarahmcox) ties it together well:

“So ARod is a jerk for wanting to play? Looking forward to the columns during his next injury about what a freeloader he is.”

With 647 career home runs (5th all-time), I doubt that. Haters gonna hate! 2

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