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Monday, March 4, 2013

Retweet of the Day - March 4, 2013

Baltimore Ravens quarterback and Super Bowl XLVII Most Valuable Player Joe Flacco signed a new contract that will make him a very wealthy man. The six year, $121 million contract is reportedly the most lucrative in NFL history. With that new found wealth, Flacco can afford the luxuries and frivolities that many f us would not consider purchasing with a mere working person's salary.

One premium product I never purchased were the rookie cards of high profile athletes (I either got then in my packs or didn't get them at all). Rookie cards for a garden variety star easily sell for upwards of $100. Sure fire Hall of Famers...upwards of $500 and so on. Today's retweet is from Blaise Miller (@BlaiseInKC), reminding us of how precious a coveted rookie card can be.

"@jimrome "First thing I bought with my new contract? A Joe Flacco rookie card." - Joe Flacco"

"I'm riiiiiich!"
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