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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Hat Trick Is Not Printed in Braille

I love Hat Trick readers. Besides the fact that I would be speaking to an empty room without you, readers find their way to this blog by some of the most interesting means. In the last 24 hours, there was a trend of readers reaching the Hat Trick while searching for the ethnicity of actress and model Gabrielle Union.

The Hat Trick has posted tasteful, safe-for-work photos of Ms. Union in the past. But "what is her ethnicity"? SERIOUSLY?? I can only assume that a person who cannot see…at all…would ask that question. Unfortunately the Hat Trick is neither available in braille nor do I have software that reads the words audibly, though I wish I could offer such services. 

Still, this curious trend has vaulted Ms. Union to the top of the list for today’s Chick Pic candidates. Some of you, apparently, need a reminder of what she looks like and all of you should enjoy what you see.

Any more questions, guys? 1
Well, green, white, and red are colors of the Mexican flag. Perhaps she's Mexican? 2
Perhaps she's Italian; red, green and white are in that flag, too. 3

Here's a close up for further inspection. 4
I could see how the yellow in this picture may lead one to think she is of Asian descent. 5
So I heard, Union has a similar background to her boyfriend, Miami Heat star guard Dwyane Wade (smh). 6

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