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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Retweet of the Day - January 31, 2013

Sports and sex are two things that have made the most cerebral and most rational men throw their better judgment to the wind. When the two elements come together, they are tabloid gold. When scandalous, they are always sensational and often shocking, flying in the face of the image of the person(s) involved.

Once again, another famous man is being publicly shamed for "dipping his pen in the company ink". Former Miami Dolphins quarterback and Pro Football Hall of Fame member Dan Marino recently admitted to fathering a girl in 2005 from an extramarital with a CBS staffer, Donna Savattere. The child, Chloe, is now seven years old.

Marino is not the first famous athlete nor will he be the last to allow the act of thinking with the wrong "member" to (re)produce a lifetime of joy. But, of course, the Twittersphere lit up upon discovery of this scandal. This leads up to yet another zinger from The Fake ESPN (@TheFakeESPN):

"Dan Marino failed to get out of the pocket when he felt the pressure coming."  
The Fake ESPN also delivered this one liner, "Even in retirement Dan Marino was firing through coverage."
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