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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Burns Her Up

New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker's wife, model Anna Burns Welker, caused a small stir following the Patriots' loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Sunday's AFC Championship Game. Burns Welker went for a bit of a sour grapes low blow by making incendiary comments about retiring Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis. Burns Welker effectively said that Ray Lewis tried to buy justice after two associates of Lewis were charged but later acquitted in a double murder case in Atlanta in 2000.

Miss Burns apologized but, of course, the damage is done. I could get on my soap box and talk about how people show you how much class they have (or lack) when they open their mouths, in this case venting about her husband losing a football game by invoking an irrelevant but delicate issue in an opponent's life. Instead, I'll present Anna burns in the best light: one in which we can use our eyes to take in the sight of her skin without hearing the sound of her voice or reading the thoughts in her mind.

We know who wears the crown in the Welker household. 1

♫ Wes Welker: "The La-dy in embarrassing me."♪ 2

I'm sure Wes met her one day when he had a craving for wings. 3

I would say that I don't know how he puts up with his wife putting him in a bad way with his peers. But I think we can all clearly see how he puts up with it. 4

And Wes sees more than we do! 5

Parties at the Welker house have got to be a "can't miss" event for all of Wes' single buddies. 6
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