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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wes Welker is Better Than .500

The New England Patriots are off to an unceremonious 3-3 start in the 2012 NFL season. While they are still in first place in the AFC East, their record is no better than that of anyone else in the division. The Patriots are off to their worst start since 2005. However, all three of their losses came by two points or less to teams with records of .500 or better.

Like his team on the field, Wes Welker's record is much better than .500 off the field. His wife is model Anna Burns, the subject of today's Chick Pic.

Wes Welker's girlfriend (Anna Burns)
Wes must take a ton of fishing trips in the offseason. 1
Anna Burns Welker
Lots of fishing trips.... 2
Wes Welker's girlfriend Anna Burns
That outfit is completely out of place with the background. I doubt it is OSHA approved and I doubt any of you guys care. 3
Wes watches her blindside. 4
Wes is the only one with the key to those gates.
I don't know what Gisele was talking about after the Super Bowl. Wes Welker knows how to reel in a catch! 6

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