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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Catching Up

After a month-long sabbatical, The Daily Hat Trick is back on the "interweb". Since the last posting in early October, much has changed. Here's the "long story short" on the pro sports world from the Hat Trick.


Rumors of Tom Brady's death are greatly exaggerated. After the Monday Night Football curb-stomping that Brady and the Pats took at Arrowhead Stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs, the "real" Brady arrived. Rob Gronkowski has been "going Gronk" and Brady, apparently, has spent extra-extra time in the film room as he has been unstoppable in October. 

After winning the most recent Manning-Brady prizefight (number 16, I believe), it appears that Brady may have an opportunity to reach a sixth Super Bowl. The AFC is primed for another Broncos-Patriots rematch in late January. Stay tuned.

In the NFC, all we know is that w don't know anything. The Arizona Cardinals have the best record in the NFC, but with the aid of Liquid Nails and duct tape at the QB position and on defense. The Packers looked like the class of the conference before a thrashing on national television called that assertion into question. And the team that pushed that question to the forefront, the New Orleans Saints, went from disappointment to division leader (.500 record notwithstanding) in five days with consecutive prime time wins. The NFC East has become less predictable than a box of Mexican jumping beans.

Mark Ingram's surge in production has rapidly bolstered the Saints' prospects. 1

I'm not sure what is more astonishing: the Kansas City Royals not only reaching the World Series, but being one swing of the bat in the bottom of the 9th from winning Game 7 or San Francisco Giants ace Madison Bumgarner's superhuman performance, especially his five innings of relief in Game 7. Bumgarner, the World Series MVP, surrendered only one run in 21 innings of work.

    "Chevy Guy" still cracks me up...and stuff. 2

In the East, we can just skip ahead to a Bulls vs Cavaliers Eastern Conference Finals. With The King back in Cleveland...and Kevin Love,,,and Kyrie Irving...and Ray's like Back to The Future in C-town. The Cavs have a golden opportunity to return to the NBA Finals.

In the West, expect the same big boys from last year to duke it out: the Spurs, the Clippers, the Thunder. Expect the Lakers to have ping-pong balls in their future again, especially with the losses of Steve Nash and Julius Randle. 

Finally, being a Louisiana man, I have to toss in some Pelicans fodder. Anthony Davis is poised for a huge year. You can print it; he is my dark horse MVP candidate for 2015.

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