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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Retweet of the Day - March 26, 2014

The Daily Hat Trick is not into making any political statements or delving into controversy any more than necessary to be interesting and relevant. However, today's retweet, by Kazeem Famuyide (‏@RealLifeKaz)
illustrates an inherent contradiction in decisions made by the NFL.

The NFL, if nothing else, has demonstrated that it is keenly focused on protecting The Shield (the NFL's trademark logo). It has taken steps that has gotten it branded the "No Fun League" by this publication and others. It is how they do their business, and that's fine.

However, the league's decision to stamp out the faintly burning embers of a threat to its image by banning the dunking of a football over the goalposts as a touchdown celebration seems a bit excessive considering that it has chosen to do not address the possibility of a change to the name of the controversial mascot, "Redskins" of its Washington franchise.

Regardless of one's opinion of the name, it seems to me that the removal of a touchdown celebration that further endears the fans to the players and the game because of a possible delay of the game is trivial when compared to the public perception of insensitivity toward Native Americans with the continued use, even in the 21st century, of a mascot that many Native Americans find offensive and many Americans, as a whole, consider a pejorative term. Yet the league has taken swift and decisive action on one issue that will have no gainful impact and procrastinated on a controversy that can only injure the shield as time passes without a resolution.

Today's retweet:

"NFL says you can't dunk on goal posts but the Redskins name is A-Ok."

The No Fun League may have to reevaluate its priorities for things to change.

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