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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Don’t Fake The Funk on the Nasty Dunk

The NFL has put “The Jimmy Graham Rule” in place. Starting next season, the teams of players who celebrate a touchdown by dunking the ball over the goal post will be penalized 15 yards. New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham has made this his trademark celebration during the past several seasons.

No Fun League

When it comes to sucking individual creativity, originality, and fun out of football, the NFL is the president, emperor, and king of fun ruining. The league is imposing this rule change under the guise of the continuity of the game. Graham, twice, unleveled the goal posts from his dunk celebration, causing the games to be delayed until the posts could be leveled properly.

Using this reasoning, the problem is with the delay of the game, not the celebration itself. So, why not penalize a celebration resulting in a delay? Chances are Graham and others would not dunk the ball so hard and/or not hang on the goal posts.

Regardless, the penalty-free touchdown dunk is now part of the NFL’s past. There’s nothing that excites the home crowd or the television audience, not residing in a cemetery, more than watching a game changing touchdown accompanied by the roar of the crowd and the scoring player calmly walking over to the official and handing him the football. The No Fun League strikes again! 

How about the team is penalized, but gets two points for the dunk?
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