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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Retweet of the Day - February 18, 2014

Richie Incognito, willingly or not, has become synonymous with meat-head bullies in the NFL. His well publicized harassment of former Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin has been a prominent topic in sports media since Martin left the team in November.

This scandal became so sensational that the summer story about Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper's caught-on-tape racial outburst became a footnote in last year's chapter of sports controversy. And, of course, sports media had a pot of gold dropped upon them when Missouri Tigers defensive end Michael Sam, the 2013 SEC Defensive Player of The Year, announced he was gay, virtually assuring that major league American sports will have its first active openly gay player, in it toughest and most popular sport.

Today's retweet, from Brett DiSanto (‏@disanttt) ties these headlines together cleverly:

"Cast of next years Real World: Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, Riley Cooper, and Michael Sam. Whose not watching that?"

Now I've seen everything.

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