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Monday, January 13, 2014

Retweet of the Day - January 13, 2014

While the NFL has whittled down its remaining playoff teams to four, there has been other news affecting teams that didn't make the Conference Championship round this season. Coaching changes are rampant. And of course, teams are resigning their most coveted free agents to be before they hit the open market.

The Chicago Bears resigned quarterback Jay Cutler earlier this month. Cutler may not have the most sparkling personality and has yet to get the Bears past the NFC Championship Game, but his talent is undeniable. The Bears were starved at the QB position for more than two decades before Cutler's arrival. Resigning him was a no brainer.

Not everyone shares this opinion thought. Today's retweet, from Not Bill Walton (@NotBillWalton) illustrates a different point of view on Cutler's potential:

"Bears sign Jay Cutler for 7 more years. Sounds less like an NFL contract and more like bad luck for breaking a mirror."

That's harsh!

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