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Monday, December 2, 2013

Retweet of the Day - December 2, 2013

The Retweet of the Day is usually for a clever collection, usually glib, of 140 characters or less related to the world of sports. Today's retweet is due to its sobering common sense.

If you were in a coma or out of the country over the weekend, the Auburn Tigers upset the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Iron Bowl on the final play of the game - a field goal return for a touchdown for the Tigers from the back of the Auburn end zone by Chris Davis after a 57 yard Bama field goal attempt fell short but in the field of play as time expired.

The debate is on in the world of college football. Should Auburn, with one loss, jump unbeaten Ohio State, with zero out of conference competition and a mediocre (at best) Big Ten schedule in which the Buckeyes won but seldom dominated? I say yes (LOOK at the two schedules). Some would say no. But it is a valid debate.


What is not up for debate is that the Tide is finished in 2013. They will not repeat as SEC West Division champs. They will not repeat as SEC Champs. They will not repeat as BCS National Champions. They will not get a handout from the media the way they did in 2011 - getting voted in to the BCS National Championship Game in spite of failing to win their division for a rubber match against the division winner (who beat them in Tuscaloosa) for all the marbles because the rest of the field was vastly inferior.

Alabama fans are still in denial, still rallying for The Lost Cause. Message boards and Twitter illustrate the sad tale.

"Auburn fans aren't classy." Oh yeah? Scoreboard....

"I'm still proud of Bama." That's nice. Scoreboard....

"Alabama is still the better team!" No, they aren't. Scoreboard....

"It was a lucky play," SCOREBOARD....

"If the game was in..." SCORE-BOARD! SCOREBOARD!! S..C...O..R..E..B..O..A..R..D!!!

Alabama LOST. LOOK at the SCOREBOARD! It's OVER!

Today's retweet is from Chandler Jackson (‏@ChandlerJ_01)

"Regardless if you hate bama fans or not the scoreboard is all thy matters at the end of the day"


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