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Friday, November 29, 2013

Retweet of the Day - November 29, 2013

Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin became involved in a slight controversy after the Thanksgiving night game at the Baltimore Ravens, which Baltimore won, 22-20. Coach Tomlin was walking along the sideline during a Jacoby Jones punt return with his back turned, ever so slightly in the field of play, but enough to potentially obstruct the play.

Tomlin did a pirouette to get out of the way of Jones during the return. The NFL is investigating to determine whether or not disciplinary action is warranted for a potential obstruction. The Twittersphere and the Internet as a whole had a ball with this (alleged) SNAFU. Jacoby Jones was a contestant on last season's Dancing with the Starts. Tomlin's dance is the inspiration for the Reweet of the Day, by JETLIFE (‏@Kweston83):

"Who'll get served in the AFC North battle? LoL! @TomBradysEgo Jacoby Jones vs Mike Tomlin on Dancing With the Stars."

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