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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Real Basketball Fights: L.A.

Basketball bad boy Matt Barnes made the highlight reels last night. During last night's game the Los Angeles Clippers forward continued his ongoing feud with Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka. Ibaka engaged in some unnecessary activity with Clipper forward Blake Griffin just before the half. Barnes broke Ibaka off a piece of his mind (and his hands) in a scuffle that got both players tossed. The Clippers went on to win, 111-103.

I won't beat the dead horse about the tweet that Barnes sent out and later deleted that contained a racial slur. Personally, I think it is manufactured news for news' sake. I think you'd rather see pictures of his wife, model and reality TV star from VH1's Basketball Wives: L.A., Gloria Govan.

I don't think your legs are supposed to go on the arm rest. I don't think any of you guys care. 1

Anyone for shopping? 2

I'm going to guess this was from the wedding night. I'll bet I know what happened next! 4


She sees sea shells by the seashore (and in her bikini print). 6

What  Chick Pic is complete without a red carpet shot. 8

Matt Barnes...not a regular dude and certainly not a regular wife! 9

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