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Friday, October 11, 2013

Retweet of the Day - October 11, 2013

"The winless Jacksonville Jaguars are far and away the worst team in the NFL. Yes, the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers have yet to win a game, but one or two plays with different results would have changed that. The Jags have been hapless, hopeless, and feckless every week.

The comic-tragedy that is the 2013 Jaguars season reached a new peak (or valley) this past week. The line out of Las Vegas on their upcoming game at the Denver Broncos was 27.5 points as of this morning - nearly four touchdowns!!! The point spread is the largest for an NFL game in nearly a half-century.

NFL die hards appreciate how the word "outrageous" comes to mind at a 4 TD spread for any NFL game no matter how bad or good the teams involved are. There are only 32 NFL teams in the world and the gap in talent between the best and worst teams can be closed if the better team plays its worst and the worse team plays its best. As elite, and invincible of late, as Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is, even he has implied that a 27.5 point spread is a tall order.


Casual fans of football know what they see. They see a bumbling, stumbling, and hopeless NFL franchise in the Jaguars and a Broncos offense that puts up numbers like they are playing in the Madden 25 video game. In the college game, casual fans have seen the Alabama Crimson Tide destroy nearly everything in their path and the Oregon Ducks, like the Broncos, putting up final score point totals more fitting for college basketball than football.

Casual fans often don't consider the ocean-wide gaps in skill between the college and pro games nor do they care. While this can generate some unrealistic expectations of performances at times, it can also be a breeding ground for some clever contributions to the Twittersphere. Today's retweet is from Tyler Donohue (@TDsTake), a Bleacher Report writer who knows the difference, but whipped up a pithy one-liner for Joe Fan:

"Broncos versus Jaguars next week. Are the Alabama Crimson Tide available to step in and provide a challenge instead? Maybe Oregon?"

Image from via @deadspin

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