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Monday, September 9, 2013

Retweet of the Day - September 9, 2013

The start of the National Football League season is the beginning of a harvest season of sorts for people who write about sports. It's the time when much less brain energy is required to think of thing to write about. If there isn't a compelling story of interest, the NFL serves up 14 to 16 buffets of subject matter from which to choose each week.

I could pick several angles for today's retweet, but the nation saw the New York Giants travel to Big D on Sunday Night Football and drop their first game, ever, to the Dallas Cowboys in Jerry World. The story of that game was the turnovers: Eli Manning threw three interceptions, including one on the first play from scrimmage of the game, and lost three fumbles. The Giants may truly be the better team, but when you turn the ball over six times on the road, you all but certainly lose.

Today's retweet is from someone Blaise Miller (@BlaiseInKC) who is becoming a regular on the retweet of the day and has an astute perception of the workings of the Twittersphere:

"Some guy is counting the minutes until tomorrow morning so he can tweet, "The Giants have just committed another turnover."

They actually had something to cheer about against the Giants.
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