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Monday, September 16, 2013

Retweet of the Day - September 16, 2013

The Denver Broncos at New York Giants game, dubbed "The Manning Bowl", with a 4:15 pm EDT start, was the most eagerly anticipated afternoon NFL game of Week 2. Quarterback Peyton Manning of the Broncos won his duel with younger brother QB Eli Manning of the Giants, 41-23. Most of the country was able to watch the game on CBS.

Per NFL rules, the home market team must be broadcast in that market, defined by the league, when the home market team is playing on the road or is at home and the game has sold out. CBS has exclusive rights to deliver AFC Sunday afternoon road games and Fox has exclusive rights to deliver all NFC Sunday afternoon road games back to the respective home markets.

The Jacksonville Jaguars traveled west to play at the Oakland Raiders yesterday. Kickoff: 4:15 pm EDT. Ordinarily, I can only imagine that home town fans would rather see their home team before any other contest, no matter how high-profile the matchup is. However, many, myself include, think the Jaguars are already on the clock in the 2014 NFL Draft and the Oakland Raiders are bad...really bad.

Today's retweet is from Peyton's Head (@PeytonsHead), not new to the Retweet of the Day:

Too funny. RT @BleacherReport Orlando TV station apologizes for having to show the #Jaguars game
With this kind of "support" do you even want to play at home if you are a Jaguars player?

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