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Friday, September 13, 2013

Retweet of the Day - September 13, 2013

Every time the New England Patriots and New York Jets get together, there are some fireworks. Even when the football is bad, as it was last night on Thursday Night Football, there is going to be a good part of the show.

The "good part" came at the very end of the game when Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib intercepted a Geno Smith pass in the final minute, slamming the door on the Jets. Talib was juking near the sideline during the return. Shortly after Talib ran out of bounds, Jets center Nick Mangold hit Talib at the ankles and the players engaged in some extracurricular rough play.

When the brew ha ha was broken up, Jets tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Jets guard Willie Colon were ejected from the game. With less than 40 seconds remaining and the Jets out of timeouts. All the Patriots need to do was kneel the ball one time and the game was over. However, in sticking with "The Patriot Way", Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick (profanely) insisted that the ejected Jets players walk to the locker room before play continues. That is within the rules. It was also completely unnecessary - a shame tactic.

Today's retweet is a shot fired back across the bow, invoking accused murderer and former Pro Bowl Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, by CHRISV (‏@Vargeazy)

"Everyone ejected was wearing a Jets jersey. Mr. Kraft your money may buy the refs but it wont buy Hernandez out of a life sentence sir" 

Bill Belichick doesn't give a damn! Pride? Shame? Fuhgettaboutit! I think the genes attached to emotions like humility and a sense of equity were filtered from The Hoodie's chromosomes.

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  1. Bill Belichick didn't make the players leave. The referees did. As per Rule 5, Section 2, Article 7: A disqualified player must leave the playing field enclosure and go to the team locker room within a reasonable time. Two Jets were disqualified from the game. They had to leave. The refs enforced it. The referees told Bill that they wouldn't allow the ball to be snapped until the players left. He yelled to get those assholes off the field, so that his team could snap the ball, and everyone could go home. To place the blame of that on Belichick is biased and wrong. The blame lies squarely on Mangold, for his dirty hit and the two players for getting disqualified, and their subsequent refusal to leave. If you want to stay on the sideline, don't punch a player and don't push a referee. It's pretty easy to understand without jumping to Belichick is evil.

  2. Belichick is evil, whether he was right in this instance or not! :-)

    Take is with good humour. We're just having some fun here. Thank you for reading and also thanks for the comment with the info. Have a good evening.