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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Retweet of the Day - May 16, 2013

I rarely use the same theme for the Retweet of the Day twice in a row, but the O.J. Simpson headlines continue to get more sensational. Simpson is attempting to have his convictions for armed robbery and kidnapping thrown out in an effort to receive a new trial on the charges.

The 2007 incident that landed Simpson in the slammer involved him attempting to retrieve personal property that he claimed was stolen. Simpson burst into the hotel room of the alleged thief while members of his party allegedly pointed guns at the victim, allegedly to keep him in the room and to get him to talk. Simpson, while in court this week, said that his attorney, Yale Galanter, advised him that he could "use force" to retrieve his personal property. While explaining this in court, Simpson referred to the force he tried to use as "the force".

And cue the Twittersphere. Yesterday, the Hat Trick discussed Simpson's increased girth since being incarcerated. Today's retweet is from  Ryan Goldner (@Ryan_Goldner)

"@jimrome Did I just hear you say OJ had to use the force to retrieve a lamb chop from a car?".

Keep 'em comin'....
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