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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FOXy Lady

ESPN personality Michelle Beadle and former colleague Erin Andrews, now with Fox Sports, have had a rivalry for quite some time, apparently going back to Andrews' days at ESPN. While the cause of the beef is not clear to me, it is current. Beadle reportedly said, "I don't know THAT person," in reference to Andrews during a recent broadcast and gave a huge thumbs down at the mention of Andrews' name.

That's all the reason needed to make Ms. Andrews the subject of today's Chick Pic.

Michele Beadle is a pretty woman, too. She couldn't be jealous, could she? 1

Could she? 2
That standing leg cross is a trademark of hers. 3
She is one beautiful woman. Average sports reporter, at best, but perfect for television! 4

When you're Erin Andrews, every day could be like a day at the beach. Best job ever and everyone of the opposite sex fawns over you. The same sex...not so much! 5
Two observations: 1) The classic beauty look works for her. 2) She's still crossing those legs while standing. 6

She and Michelle Beadle should settle it over oil wrestling. 7

Look at 50 Cent trying to get a taste. Man, this ain't "The Candy Shop"! 8

Her mouth looks like she's about to say a word starting with "F". Could that be her reply to Beadle? 9

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