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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Retweet of the Day - March 5, 2013

In the "stranger than fiction" segment of sports news, Basketball Hall of Fame member Dennis Rodman visited with North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un last week while filming a documentary in the alienatied country. Rodman's message to the President of the United States, Barack Obama: "He wants you to call him."

I was not sure what was more amusing, the fact that Rodman thinks President Obama gives a damn about his diplomatic suggestions or the fact that The Worm's intervention was so discussed in the news over the weekend. SERIOUSLY? Dennis Rodman?

Today's retweet, by regan mossi (@regan_mossi) ties this all together nicely. Taking Rodman's two cents into account on foreign affairs is akin to expecting Honey Boo Boo to make some significant contribution to society outside of sensational reality television. If you've never head of Honey Boo Boo, Google or YouTube it. I refuse to demean this blog by giving Ms. Boo Boo any further mention.

"If Dennis rodman is trying to ease tensions between n Korea and the US, then I have faith in honey boo boo bringing peace to the middle east"

Actually, the Honey Boo Boo phenomenon makes me take The Worm more seriously. (smh)
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