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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kick in the Gut

Former University of New Mexico placekicker Katie Hnida was very critical of the disastrous tryout at the NFL Regional combine by Lauren Silberman. Silberman was the first woman to try out at an NFL combine. It looked like a sideshow.

Sliberman attempted two kickoffs, neither of which traveled 20 yards in the air. Hnida said that Silberman's form was terrible and blamed Sliberman's lack of experience and preparation for the fiasco. Hnida noted though that because Silberman was the first, she may be the last woman to try out at an NFL combine for quite some time because of her gender and the debacle of a tryout.

Hnida played Division I football 10 years ago and was a true trailblazer. Silberman never player football. I can understand Hnida's disgust. Silberman didn't carry the torch; she dropped it in the woods and started a forest fire.

Hnida is the topic of today's Chick Pic. Besides blazing trails for women on the gridiron, she destroyed some stereotypes about female athletes. She's pretty darn cute, like Silberman, but can actually kick a football!

WHEN did all of these pretty girls decide to start playing football? 1

Seriously, a chick who looks good and can play football. How many marriage proposals do you think she turned down? 2
Hnida (right) looks great in a dress, too. The last two days have blown a lot of preconceived notions about women in sports to bits. 3
Remember that commercial that Troy Aikman did for a deoderant product in the 90s when a nice looking girl sacked him and smiled at him while she waved her hair in his face on the ground? Then Aikman got into the huddle and said, "Same play!" 4
A lot of you guys may have thought you were studs when you took your high school football pictures, but you didn't look this good. 5
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