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Friday, February 15, 2013

Singles and Doubles

Detroit Tigers starting pitcher, former American League Cy Young Award winner, and former American League Most Valuable Player Justin Verlander has been romantically linked with swimsuit model Kate Upton in the past. It is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition season again. While USA Today reported that Upton denied dating Verlander, first, I don't buy it and second, it is all of the connection to sports that I need to make her the subject of today's Chick Pic.

I should have taken baseball practice more seriously in high school. 1
Is it hot or is it me? Or is it the radiator? 2

So not only does she look great in a swimsuit, but she's skilled in the water. That is an amazing back float! 3
I'll bet that if she were a pirate, swinging onto another ship, she'd meet little resistance. 4

That must be a lovely view from street level. 6
What a trooper! Braving the cold to make a magazine.... 7
I would have loved a coloring book with this image. I'd have no trouble staying inside the lines. I wonder if Verlander's pen ever runs. 8

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