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Friday, January 18, 2013

Retweet of the Day - January 18, 2013

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, stripped of seven Tour de France titles and an Olympic gold medal for suspected performance enhancing drug use, issued a limited confession during a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. Among the waffling and fence riding included Lance Armstrong sharing what he discovered when he looked up the definition of "cheating". Armstrong basically said that because everyone dopes in cycling at some point to simply keep up with the pack (which I actually believe) that he does not believe he cheated (which I do not buy).

That leads us to today's retweet. When former President Bill Clinton was being investigated for alleged sexual harassment in the Paul Jones case, he asked the judge, during a deposition, what the definition of "is" is. Clinton, like Armstrong, gave very measured responses that tiptoed on the gray area of lying, so much that the public did not buy it and his political opponents disgraced Clinton further by impeaching him, only the second President in American history to be impeached.

Today's retweet, by Michael Wayne (@Michael__Wayne) brings us back to the fun days when the most serious issue in the White House was the President's waste of a fine cigar instead of a slow-as-molasses growing economy, too-high unemployment, policy responses to mass child murder, and winding down a 12 year old war.

"Good thing Lance Armstrong admitted cheating on Oprah. Now we need Bill Clinton to finally admit to having sexual relations with that woman"

"I...did not...have sexual relations with that woman...(sniffs index finger)...Miss Lewinsky!"

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