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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What Sandusky Can NOT Expect in Prison

Jerry Sandusky can look forward to spending the remainder of his depraved and miserable life behind bars. He'll be showering with young men, playing "tickle monster", giving "wet willies" and "funny arms" to his new neighbors. While I have little doubt that Sandusky would prefer to pretend he is with innocent and vulnerable children as opposed to the scourges of society, he will get an endless buffet of male-on-male action. What he will never see, touch, or smell again, is a woman.

Here is an example of someone who will never be visiting Mr. Sandusky, today's Chick Pic subject, Kim Kardashian.

I don't think they have a lot of trees in the joint, either. 1
You could interpret this as an artistic representation of Sandusky's manhood waving goodbye to him as the cell door is slammed. OR you could just enjoy Kim's female posterior, which Sandusky will never see again (not even an ugly one)! 2 
The closest thing he'll see to a swimming pool is a shower with concrete walls and hardbodies - male hardbodies.

Kim Kardashian Bikini
The former Penn State defensive coordinator will never benefit from instant replay, ever again. But you, my readers, just did! 5

Kim Kardashian Bikini
The ruling on the field: she's a catch!

Crime doesn't pay! 7
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