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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Luckiest "Victim" in the World

Some of you may have heard the recent story about the 27 year old former Covington, Kentucky school teacher who plead guilty to sexual misconduct for engaging in sexual intercourse with a then 17 year old student. The age of consent in Kentucky is 16 years old, however because of the position of "special trust", a teacher, this was a crime and became a story.

The teacher is former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones. After Jones' court hearing, she and the"victim", now 18, were seen leaving the courtroom together, like a couple. It is too bad for the"victim", for whom I feel very little sympathy, that Ms. Jones was not a full time cheerleader. Then it would be nobody's business. As it stands, he "victim" is going to have to get a job to keep this hottie happy since Jones no longer has one. Call me crazy, but I see a sugar daddy stepping in and saying, "Sorry, son. She's a little outta your league," really soon!

Welcome to the jungle!!! 1
Personally, I appreciate a teacher who bends for her students. 2
Personally, I think the real crime is that I never had a blazing hot teacher fall into my lap when I was barely above the age of consent (a time when we men have to make the most of the opportunity). 3
Sarah Jones as a Pro Bowl cheerleader. I know she had at least one MVP vote! 4
If I were 17 years old, there is NO...WAY...EVER I would have refused this lady my Christmas "candy cane". Sorry, I have a problem with the law, but it least it brought you readers this visual delight! 6
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