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Friday, October 5, 2012

Retweet of the Day - October 5, 2012

I generally try to avoid any discussion of politics on the Hat Trick. Political discussions have their place and a sports blog isn't it. Politics are divisive. Sports bring people together, even when they disagree.

However, there is very little dispute that the Republican Presidential Nominee, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, cleaned the clock of President Barack Obama in the first Presidential debate this past Wednesday. Even most of the news talk commentators who have consistently supported the President concede that Romney won the debate.

How does this tie into sports? Future Hall of Fame NBA center Shaquille O'Neal recently said that Brooke Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets and Andrew Bynum of the Philadelphia 76ers were the two best true centers in the NBA. The glaring omission in that statement was the name of Dwight Howard, who is the best center in the NBA according to nearly every other informed and rational opinion regarding basketball.

Shaq can be a troll when he feels jilted. Following the 2008 NBA Finals in which Kobe Bryant and the Lakers were outsed by the Boston Celtics, Shaq recorded an impromptu diss freestyle at Kobe's expense with the hook, "Tell me how my ass tastes!" That leads us to today's retweet, by T.J. Patterson ‏(@tjpatterson13).

"Romney thinking right now "tell me how my ass tastes"!! #romneyvictory @shaq"

"Check it! Check it! You know how I be. Last night Barry O. couldn't f__ with me! ... Barack, (expletive), TELL ME HOW MY ASS TASTES!"
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