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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ponder That!

A few weeks ago, the Hat Trick ran a Chick Pic featuring the ex-girlfriend of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, Kacie McDonnell. Ponder had just led the Vikings to a big victory over the San Francisco 49ers, one of several steps on the way to the Vikings surprising 5-2 start. We framed the victory as a consolation for the breakup between he and McDonnell, implying that he couldn't possibly do too much better.

After learning of his new squeeze, I doubt Ponder is crying himself to sleep every night. Ponder's girlfriend is blazing hot ESPN reporter Samantha Steele, the subject of today's Chick Pic.

Exit Erin Andrews...enter Samantha Steele! 1


She works out! 3
She can hang with the fellas and they don't seem to mind. 4

What's this? She has a Cam Newton cut out? 5

Watch out, Christian, a lot of dudes would love a shot at your woman! 6
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