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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Victory as Consolation

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder led his team to the biggest win of his young career with a decisive victory of the San Francisco 49ers.The 49ers, going into this Sunday, were thought my many in the media to be the best team in the NFL. The Vikings had very low expectations coming into this season. It was a big win for Ponder.

Athletes love winning. But I cannot help but wonder if the big win for young Ponder helped erase the sense of loss that he had when he parted ways with his ex-girlfriend, the blazing hot Kacie McDonnell.

Splish splash! 1

Kacie McDonnell
What a big heart.... 3

Christian Ponder exgirlfriend
Just...WOW! 4

And she's on her toes! 5

She plays well with others, too. What was the problem, Christian??? 6
And she looks LOVELY with clothes on2

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