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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Retweet of the Day - September 25, 2012

In case you have been isolated from all sports media until now, you are aware of the officiating debacle that took place at the end of last night's Monday Night Football game. The Seattle Seahawks were awarded a game winning touchdown against the Green Bay Packers as time expired on a Hail Mary pass.

The play was ruled a simultaneous reception by Seahwaks receiver Golden Tate and Packers defensive back M.D. Jennings. Replay clearly showed that Jennings intercepted the pass and that Tate interfered with Packers defensive back Sam Shields then stuck one arm underneath the ball after Jennings caught it, placing his other arm around the ball after Jennings went to the ground.

This has called the competence of the replacement NFL officials into further question. Which leads to today's retweet, by Amol K. ‏@amolkold, implying that Pro Football Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson might be a free man with no financial strains if the replacement officials oversaw his criminal trials. Simpson is serving a minimum of nine years in a Nevada prison for armed robbery and kidnapping and was acquitted of double murder in 1994 before later being found responsible for the deaths in civil court.

""OJ was innocent" - Replacement Ref"

His timing was much better during his playing days.
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