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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Retweet of the Day - June 12, 2012

The Hat Trick typically covers five areas of sports: NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA football, and NCAA basketball. Still, when a champion is crowned in a major sports league, such as the NHL, it is tough to gloss over the achievement. When it happens in the historic manner in which it did, with an 8th seed bringing a franchise its first, ever, championship, it is Hat Trick newsworthy.

Still, being based in Louisiana, I am in the heart of college football country. That makes today's Retweet of the Day perfect for both the latest news and my locale. Today's RT of the day is from SportsPickle (@sportspickle). Joe Saturdays everywhere can appreciate this one. It has been retweeted nearly 800 times already.

"An 8-seed is about to win the Cup. If the NHL had the BCS system, the Kings would have played in the Kraft Fight Hunger Hockey Bowl."

No arguments from me.
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