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Thursday, February 2, 2012

NFL Logo Mojo

On Monday, the Carolina Panthers announced their first, ever logo change. The old logo, in place since the franchise was established in 1993 (first season: 1995), does not look very different from the new one. The new logo is slightly sleeker with some touch ups, but, for the most part, incorporates the same basic design principles as the original logo.

Pick out three differences in three seconds. Go for it! 1

Not all logo changes are so subtle and not all of them are improvements. All logos are in chronological order.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The old Bucco Bruce reminds me of Antonio Banderas...and Puss in Boots. 2

Washington Redskins

From moderately offensive to almost tolerable to borderline minstrel. WOW! 3

New York Jets

Plane, ball, plane, ball...the Jets are not just indecisive on the field. 4

Buffalo Bills

The buffalo is sleeker. It is still beef, too. And it's what's for dinner! Not very different from the football team, itself.... 5

New England Patriots

The Patriots did not start winning Super Bowls until the minuteman was no longer bent over. Coincidence? 6

Cincinnati Bengals

Just because it is a “change” does not mean it is “progress”. 7

Jacksonville Jaguars

The original Jags logo (left) had to be changed to the current Jag (right) because the Jaguar automaker claimed it resembled the car logo too closely. Would anyone REALLY confuse this athletic logo with that of an American-acquired British automaker? 8 

Some changes are for the better. A few are for the worse. I think we can all agree that the logo is little more than decoration unless your team looks like this:

The old Memphis Tams unis...GROSS! 9

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