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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What a Roll!

The University of Alabama football team put itself back into the driver's seat for a spot in the 2014 College Football Playoff with a hard fought 25-20 home win against SEC West Division rival and former #1 ranked Mississippi State on Saturday. Fans are cheering in Tuscaloosa again. That's why the Alabama cheerleaders and dance team are the subject of today's Chick Pic.

Good. They aren't neglecting their studies. 1

Their so hot that their male counterparts want pictures. 2


The choreography could use some work. But I doubt you fellas care. 4

I don't think she is on either of the squads. In fact, I'm not sure that she's ever been inside of a classroom at Bama. But you're looking, aren't you? 5

Stretching is important to reduce injuries. 6
What a great bunch of team players! 7
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