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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Return of the Sanchize

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sachez is enjoying a career rebirth in the NFL. Sanchez was unceremoniously run out of New York following an injury fiasco in the Jets' 2013 preseason finale. After missing the entire 2013 season and being sent on a 2014 free agency journey, The Sanchize appears to have found his landing spot in Philadelphia.

Two impressive performances by Sanchez, including a drubbing of the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football in relief of the injured Nick Foles has the Eagles in first place in the NFC East. It also has Sanchez at the top of sports media discussion topics again. The former first round draft pick is riding a wave of good fortune right now.

Sanchez is a bit of a lightning rod among sports fans, both for his inconsistent play and his GQ playboy persona. Sanchez has had his share of dime pieces of the years. I'm not sure if socialite Alana Kari is his current squeeze, but she is worthy of being today's Daily Hat Trick Chick Pic. Don't hate the player; hate the game!

Sanchez and Derek Jeter could have a pool going. 1
Ms. Kari keeps good company. 2
A lot of good company.... 3

What a team player!!! 4

Let's skeletons for Halloween...all bones. Did Sanchez provide the muscle and meat? 5

A generous soul, sharing the spotlight. 6

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