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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gleeful Vision

Naya Rivera, singer and actress from the hit television series "Glee" has high level achievement in her genes. Her brother, Mychal Rivera, is a tight end for the Oakland Raiders in the NFL. Her parents must glow with pride every day.

Speculation has run rampant on the Internet in gossip sits as to whether or not Rivera was dismissed from the cast of the music themed show. Fox has denied the speculation. However, the rumor mill combined with some recent steamy Instagram pics have Ms. Rivera trending heavily on search engines. Naya Rivera is the subject of today's Chick Pic.

Bad girls...are soooo gooood! 1
She knows she looks good. 2
...from every angle. 3
Cue Juvenile.... 4
If she was canned, I doubt she took the news lying down. 6
Official bad girl colors: red and black.... 
It's not all skin shots. She's beautiful in a dress, too. 8
Overachievement is all in the family (little brother Mychal, right). 9
1, 7) Images from (Image 7 via Maxim magazine)
2, 3, 4, 5) Images from via Naya Rivera
6) Image from via FHM magazine
8) Image from
9) Image from

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