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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Retweet of the Day - March 19, 2014

The New York Knicks announced Eleven-time NBA Champion Head Coach Phil Jackson as their new President yesterday. Jackson has had the Midas Touch throughout his long NBA career, winning six championships as coach of the Chicago Bulls and five as the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Expectations are sky high in Gotham. All eyes are on Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. Anthony is probably a future Hall of Famer, but many, possibly Melo himself, are of the opinion that he has not reached his full potential. Today's retweet, from Todd Maxwell (‏@toddmax16) illustrates the high expectations now that the Zen Master is at the helm.

"Phil Jackson is going to turn Melo into an MVP if he stays with the Knicks next year"

Melo has to be tired of seeing stuff like this on the Internet.

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