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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not So Smart, Marcus

This past Saturday, Oklahoma State Cowboys sophomore guard Marcus Smart shoved a fan at the end of the OSU basketball team’s Big 12 loss to the Texas Tech Red Raiders in Lubbock , TX . Smart attempted to run down a Texas Tech player en route to a fast break dunk. In attempting to block the shot, Smart fouled the shooter, came down hard, and slid into the front row of seats near the court. A fan verbally insulted Smart. Smart shoved the fan.


Depending on which account you consider, the fan, Jeff Orr of Waco, TX, called Smart a, "piece of crap" or, according to Smart, Orr called him a "nigger". Regardless of what was said, Smart violated a cardinal rule of major athletics: you don't put your hands on a fan.

Smart is virtually certain to be a high pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. He is going to encounter worse hecklers at bigger venues on bigger stages throughout his NBA career. He will wear himself (and his wallet) thin if he addresses every self-entitled blowhard who directs unkind words his way.

It is also a bad look for Orr, Texas Tech, and the city of Lubbock. Orr is in his 50s. He is an air traffic controller. To say he should know better is a gross understatement.

This is not the first time Orr has delivered his brand of idiocy to the world. Orr, a self-proclaimed "superfan" whose sole hobby is attending Texas Tech athletic events, was been seen in highlight reels in the past engaging in verbal altercations with visiting teams.


Smart was suspended for three games for his role in Saturday's fracas. To he credit, he unequivocally apologized for his actions. While I think that Oklahoma State had to make it clear that touching a fan or anyone not participating in a game is off-limits 100% of the time, I completely empathized with smart.

Orr was emboldened, in his mind, by the fact that he bought a ticket. Apparently, he thought he was entitled to insult teenagers visiting the Texas Tech facility. Smart delivered a not so subtle hint that a season ticket package does not put Mr. Orr above consequences.

In a world in which cowards frequently hide behind anonymous online handles and spew ugly, often profane bile at well-known people, Saturday's incident illustrated the type of person Mr. Orr and people like him, are: people with low self esteem and little intestinal fortitude.

I doubt there is any other circumstance under which the slovenly, middle-aged Orr would have spewed fighting words at an athletic 19-year-old. Reportedly, Orr said he would not attend any more Red Raiders games for the remainder of the year. Feel free to renew that vow indefinitely, Mr. Orr.

I'll bet he doesn't do it again.
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