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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Retweet of the Day - December 4, 2013

The word "fan", as in "sports fans" is short for "fanatic". We love our teams. We love our favorite players, rationality and reason be damned.

The New York Yankees signed former Boston Red Sox outfield Jacoby Ellsbury (.297, 65 HR, 314 RBI lifetime - 6 years of service) to a lucrative (some would say "ludicrous") seven year/$153 million dollar deal. The 30 years old Ellsbury did what any of us not allergic to money would do in his once-in-a-lifetime situation when offered the roughly $20 million/year guaranteed deal that would set him, his children, and his grandchildren for life: TAKE IT!

Fans don't want to hear that. Fans feel betrayed. Red Sox fans feel like Ellsbury sold out. Today's retweet, from Molly Henry (‏@Molls_henry), is an example of this disbelief and heartbreak felt by fans when a longtime favorite player bolts for enemy colors:

"Ellsbury was my favorite player why in the world would he go to Yankees this is absurd"

In case there was any remaining doubt as to "why"....
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