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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Retweet of the Day - November 27, 2013

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. With Thanksgiving, of course, comes an entire month and a half of family, friends, fermented beverages, and FOOTBALL!!! As is tradition, the NFL owns Thanksgiving Day as the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions host two carefully selected opponents, as is tradition.

Today's retweet...rather than build up to it and indirectly explain my thought process as I usually's retweet will just be put out here on its own for your own personal consumption and opinion.

From TheCanyon (@EliTompkins):

"#Raiders #Cowboys tomorrow. Eat some turkey and watch the suburbs of America play the ghettos of America."

That little boy on the right appears to be more focused on the "Cowboys fan" than the flag. Ain't that America!
Image spliced from images from and

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