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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Throw on the Damn Song!

Former NFL wide receiver and ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson had a brief but memorable showing on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Clearly his moves against an opposing cornerback were more fluid than his moves on the dance floor. He was eliminated last week, just the second week of this season. His dance partner, and the subject of today's Chick Pic, is Dancing with the Stars troupe member Sharna Burgess.

She even has the blue shade of the Carolina Panthers, one of Keyshawn's former teams, in her hair. 1

There is just something clashing to the eyes about seeing a goofball like Andy Dick, left, her partner from a prior season, with a fine woman like Burgess, right. 2
Most Hat Trick Chick Pic subjects look good in a dress. She looks FANTASTIC in a dress! 4
Keyshawn Johnson: you're a borderline Pro Football Hall of Famer and you got eliminated in Week 2? C'MON MAN! 5

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