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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sports Bringing People Together

Saturday Night Live actor Jason Sudeikis is a known fan of the Kansas Jayhawks. Rumors about a courtship with actress Olivia Wilde (“House”) began picking up steam when they were seen canoodling at a KU basketball game late last year. The couple married earlier this year.

Wilde recently announced that the couple is expecting their first child. The little bundle of joy has Kansas basketball, in part, to thank for coming into the world. Wilde is the subject of today’s Chick Pic.

I guess this pic is a recreation of the making of the baby. 1
This is the "before" shot. 2

Or this one.... 6
Or perhaps it's this one. 4
This must be the "alternate ending" photo shoot. 7
For all of the Maxim spreads and bikini shots, she has a strong, natural beauty. 3
Looks just as sexy with clothes on! 5
So remember, kids, you too can marry a hot babe even if you look as ordinary as Jason Sudeikis, but you're funny. 8

Even if you're from Kansas.... 9
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