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Friday, August 9, 2013

Retweet of the Day - August 9, 2013

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez makes his return to the Bronx tonight. It is his first home game since the 2012 American League Championship Series last fall.The big talking point in sports media today: how will the crowd react to A-Rod.

Today's retweet, from danielson. (‏@dmolz), suggests that A-Rod's return could be affecting forces beyond human control. Rodriguez is a polarizing figure; I wouldn't put it past Mother Nature to throw in her two cents.

"flash flood warnings the night of arod's bronx return. coincidence, i think not."

Flash floods? Well the world is getting hotter, much like A-Rod's women. I've lost track of A-Rod's love life, but the most recent report, from back in April, is that he is dating this 24 year old graduate student from the Domincan Republic named Rebeca Yunen Finke.
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